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Ladies Quota in Railway

ladies quota railwayRailways reservation Ladies quota (LN) is a humanitarian effort adopted by Indian railways. In almost all the trains a special coach is attached for the lady passengers to ensure their safe and hassle free traveling.

Male passengers are restricted to board such coaches. Six berths are allotted for lady passengers in one sleeper coach of a train. At the time of purchasing tickets such quotas can be availed by them. Ladies quota could be availed on reservation counters as well as on IRCTC website while booking train ticket. Ladies travelling alone or with their children of age below 12 years are allowed for reservation of berth/ seat under this quota.

Rules and brief about ladies quota for seat booking

As per RTI Act 2005 – Information provided by RTI cell of Ministry of Railways against application number 11972 regarding ladies quota in trains for reservation

Question asked – Could you please provide me the procedure to get ladies quota as well as emergency quota in Indian Railways Reservation system?

Answer – In all the trains having reserved accommodation a combined quota (Code –SS)of two lower berths per coach has been earmarked in Sleeper, AC 3 Tier and AC 2 Tier classes for following category of passengers when travelling alone.

  1. Senior citizen
  2. Female passengers 45 years of age and above;and
  3. Pregnant women

Ladies can book accommodation under this quota if they full fill the criteria.

1.1 In some trains reservation quota of 6 sleeper class berths has also been earmarked which can be booked by ladies irrespective of age and also even if two or more ladies are travelling together. No any special form format is prescribed for reservation. Ordinary reservation requisition form will be used to book seats.

More on Ladies Quota

  • Who can avail ladies quota in Indian railways?

All ladies, girls, women above age of 45 years and pregnant women can avail ladies quota in Indian Railway for accommodation booking.

  • What is rule for Ladies quota?

There are special provisions for accommodation reservation in trains to ladies / girls, Female passengers 45 Years age or above and Pregnant Women

  • Ladies quota and kids

Kids can travel along with ladies.

  • Ladies Quota online Booking And Lower Berth availability

IRCTC is authorized to book ticket online. Indian railway not provide online booking through its website. You can enquire about seat, trains schedule and other information.

  • Quota for pregnant women Rules

Pregnant women should produce certificate of pregnancy to book ticket against this quota.

  • Rules for ladies quota in train reservation

Ladies can book train ticket (Seat/ berth) against ladies quota on PRS.

  • Age criteria for ladies quota in IRCTC

Ladies, Girls, Women of Age 45 years or above can book train ticket as per Indian Railway Rules.

  • Age limit of ladies for availing ladies quota in railway reservation of seat booking

All ladies, and ladies of 45 years or more can book train ticket through Ladies Quota

  • Is there any special reservation for women in trains?

Yes, every train have women quota to book train tickets under ladies quota. These quota also revised from time to time.

  • Seat Availability of ladies quota in Indian railways

Passenger looking for seat availability under ladies quota should follow the rules made by Indian railway to book ticket under this quota.

  • Female senior citizen age in indian railways

Senior citizen age is different for Men and Women. Men of Age 60 or above are eligible to claim as senior citizen while women of age 58 Years or above can avail benefits available for senior citizen with Indian Railways.

  • How is ladies quota operated in indian railways?

Ladies quota is operated through rules made by Indian railways in this regard.

  • How to get lower berth quota for pregnant lady?

Ladies quota and lower berth quota are different. Any passenger willing to book under any of these quota should follow instructions provided by Indian Railway.

  • How to utilize ladies quota in indian railways reservation?

If you are eligible to book ticket under ladies quota, you are allowed to utilize for accommodation availability.

  • Is it possible to buy tatkal ticket and get in emergency quota for pregnant lady in train?

Tatkal Quota is different from pregnant lady quota. As a general rule, a passenger can not avail facility of two quotas at a time. However, condition may changed so traveler can check it through Railways Official Website.

  • Is ladies quota available in three AC?

Yes, ladies quota is available in Sleeper Class, AC 3 Tier and AC 2 Tier classes.

  • Is there any quota reserved for ladies above 45 years in train?

Ladies / women of age 45 years or more than 45 years of age can book train ticket under Ladies quota.

  • Ladies quota in sleeper class

Females can book train ticket against ladies quota in sleeper class of all trains.

  • Ladies quota is available on which trains?

Ladies quota is Available in all trains.

  • Railway reservation ladies quota rules

There are special provisions for accommodation reservation in trains to ladies / girls, Female passengers 45 Years age or above and Pregnant Women

  • All the trains has been provided a six berths in sleeper class only for ladies passengers who want to book train ticket.
  • Every trains also have a combined quota of 2 lower berths (in sleeper class, AC 3 Tier Class and AC 2 Tier Classes ) that is specially earmarked for Female passengers 45 years of age and above traveling alone, pregnant women and Sr. Citizens in all trains.
  • In case to claim ladies quota for Pregnant women, ladies should provide pregnancy certificate form registered Medical Practitioner during ticket booking.
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